Are the San Blas Islands a Tourist Trap?

Yes it can sort of be if you do not plan your trip properly or do not take the time to do a proper research on what to do and where to go. Avoid the most Instagram-famous islands and those close to the shore and you will be fine.

Hard to reach by land, the numerous islands that comprise the Kuna Yala region, retain the authentic Caribbean flavour and adventure opportunities long lost by other sailing destinations such as the BVI, USVI, Saint Martin, Antigua and the Grenadines.

Although some of the most famous islands layed around the ports do receive plenty of visitors on a daily basis, other islands and cays do not see any travelers at all and this is simply because they are out of reach for most of the day tourists that use the main road as their preferred transfer method.

Top 5 Islands Not to Visit in the San Blas Islands

Long panga rides for short stays do not make it interesting for tourists to visit most of the islands to the East of San Blas. Added to that is the fact that 90% of the remote islands we love to visit on our catamarans do not have the proper accommodation and lack any type of infrastructure to welcome day travelers, not even a hammock...

Some of the islands we do visit on or sailing charters in San Blas are these: