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Catamarans With Air Conditioning in the Caribbean, How Important Is It to Have a/c in San Blas?

Yachts equipped with air conditioning for your next sailing holidays are available with Catamaran Adventures San Blas, Choose an a/c catamaran if you are sensitive to heat, no matter the month.

With Easter and summer vacations just around the corner and rise in temperatures and humidity, there is an increase in demand for A/C equipped catamarans coming from customers expecting a more comfortable charter experience in the Caribbean.

The advantages of renting a catamaran equipped with A/C for your next vacation are obvious:

  • Sleeping is much easier on catamarans with a/c

  • A/C units do run alongside a generator, so you will sense the noise and vibration associated

  • Charter cost of a catamaran with a/c is higher that one without

We have the catamaran for you.


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