Catamarans With Air Conditioning in the Caribbean, How Important Is It to Have a/c in San Blas?

Yachts equipped with air conditioning for your next sailing holidays are available with Catamaran Adventures San Blas, but it comes to a cost. Yes, you sleep better but vibration and sound from the A/C units should not be underestimated.

Normally increase in tariff for a catamaran charter with A/C is above 30% that one without.

With Easter and summer vacations just around the corner and rise in temperatures, there is an increase in demand for A/C equipped catamarans coming from customers expecting a more luxurious charter experience in the Caribbean.

San Blas islands are located in the Caribbean side of Panama and unlike other coastal regions in the Caribbean side of Panama, they are influenced by the cooler Trade Winds that blow with different intensity all throughout the year.

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Renting a catamaran of modern construction with open spaces and thoroughly studied air flowing patterns is key to avoiding air conditioning and the related downsides. Our sailing boats not only offer that but also CE construction standards and up to date security features.

The advantages of renting a catamaran equipped with A/C for your next vacation may seem pretty obvious at a first glance, but there are also some cons that may seem disappointing for some guests, so be cautious if choosing a catamaran with A/C.

Shaded spots in our catamarans are important

What are the pros and cons of renting a catamaran with air conditioning?

  • Sleeping is easier if weather is squally and hatches must remain closed

  • If you are very sensitive to hot weather or not used to tropical climate, it can be a relief to sit for a while and enjoy some aircon.

  • A/C units, as much as 4 per catamaran are loud. Marine air conditioning units, fans and evaporative coolers will emit between 37 and 82 decibels. WHO, World Health Organisation considers 85db the highest safe exposure level up to a maximum of eight hours

  • Vibration coming from both the A/C units and most importantly from the onboard generator is clearly felt

  • Difference in temperature. specially in tropical weather can affect your sinuses and can potentially lead to respiratory issues.

  • A/C units and big generators require up to date maintenance and spare parts and that is something that is hard to achieve in the San Blas Islands. Non critical technical issues are solved but priorities are analysed at all times.

  • Cost increase of total charter is usually above 30%

Caribbean breezes blowing through the hatches and listening to the uniquely soothing sounds of being at anchor feel amazing. It may take a while to adapt to the tropical temperature though. A/C units and breathing freeze air are also nice at times. Be critical, analyse the pros and cons and choose your catamaran wisely.

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