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"Christmas in July": Yacht Charter in the BVIs as Opposed to San Blas

The event of "Christmas in July" during hurricane season in that part of the Caribbean is a huge social gathering much like a family and high school reunion all rolled into one that takes place in the BVIs and has spread to neighbouring USVIs.

The BVIs during the week long festivity of Christmas in July.

September 6th 2017 marks the date in which hurricane Irma devastated all the major charter fleets in the BVI. Since then there have been great efforts of recovering the area and nowadays there is little damage notizable of the tragic event.

Damage from hurricane Irma in the BVIs

Stop there... the Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1, and will end on November 30. Why would anyone in their sane mind pour thousands of dollars to charter a catamaran in the BVIs during hurricane season? To experienced sailors and commercial fleet managers like us, a July yacht charter in the BVIs is more like betting on a hurricane or tropical storm not ruin your long awaited yacht charter and catamaran cruise,

Why local authorities risk it by permitting such a huge crowd and event in July. That we do not know, but we guess it is a strategy to lure in visitors during the slowest central months.

We are not saying a glorious outcome is not possible, but it is indeed some sort of a gamble if you take into consideration the hurricane season, location and history of weather disasters.

History of hurricanes show Panama clearly out ot the way

The San Blas islands with no hurricanes ever recorded are not in the path of hurricanes and even though it is the official wet season, the truth is that light wind quickly dissipate the rain in most cases.

The archipelago of Guna Yala and specially the outer Cays are not only almost completely empty during summer, but also the pristine and well preserved environment does not receive crowds any time of the year.

There are of course, like anywhere else, islands in San Blas we recommend skipping.

July in San Blas brings empty anchorages

San Blas swimming in the most spectacular turquoise waters.

Information is key to a fun, mind enriching sailing vacation in the Caribbean.

Choose the week-long massive beach party with up to 5000 people in the BVIs if you have the energy and the social interaction necessity, or choose the tranquil mostly unexplored waters and numerous islands of the San Blas with their relaxed atmosphere and pristine ecosystem.

Book your San Blas Cruise and catamaran charter in the San Blas islands for a true scape and absolute disconnection from the "real" world.


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