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How Many Ports Are There in the San Blas Region of Panama

There are currently 4 extremely basic ports operating in Guna Yala - San Blas region although the most commonly used by Catamaran Adventures San Blas is the port of Barsuggun o Barsukun. All of them lye in the Carti area. These 4 Guna Yala ports are accessible by the main road leading from Panama City to the San Blas Islands.

To access the ports from which to hop-on a water taxi to one of our catamarans or any of the islands, you must first take a road transfer or drive yourself from Panama City (use of 4x4 car is mandatory) for around 1.5 hours to the border and then use the dirt road heading East and of approximately 30 minutes duration.

For reaching our catamarans we normally point you to the port of Barsuggun o Barsukun which is actually by a river, has a safe parking and waiting area. Other ports in San Blas are Tupile, Dibin and Niga Kantule.

Barsuggun o Barsukun

Be prepared for your road transfer and the port of San Blas

- Be on time at the lobby of your hotel for your pickup

- Make sure you have transfer and customs cash with you: $75 +$20

- Port fee is $3/person

- If you self-drive to San Blas you can safely leave your car for a few $

- Bring mosquito repellent

- Wear appropriate shoes

- Have some food or snacks with you

- Motion sickness tablets for the road is at times needed

- Have a raincoat with you in case it rains

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