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Is San Blas Open?

Starting August 11th 2021, road access to San Blas is again available to all international tourists. Transfers in/out of San Blas using the main road will cut down our transfer times to 2.5 hours total.

Finally some good news to share with you: the main road to San Blas which was closed by the ruling Congreso de Kuna Yala has been made available and free to use by all international travelers, that means you can now book our private catamaran charter in the San Blas islands without risk and most importantly not having to use the alternative road in.

What do you need to show Kuna authorities in order to pass though the border and access the catamarans in San Blas:

- proof you are vaccinated

- valed PCR test

Restrictions imposed during the pandemic made boarding our catamarans a bit of a mess since our guests had to either use the secondary road or embark the night before in Linton Bay Marina and sail overnight to the cays in San Blas. Taking the secondary road translated to almost 2 hours more of transfer; embarking the night before in Linton Bay marina was something not all guest were up to, mainly due to time limitations.

Now we are back to 2,5 hour transfers from Panama City. We can pick you up from your desired location in Panama city normally at 5:15 Am but there is also the option to adapt the times if you want to be picked up directly at Tocumen International Airport.

We still have in place our free cancellation policy in case Covid hits again, so you are totally covered with us.

Feel free to contact us for a charter quote.


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