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Is It Possible To Travel To San Blas? San Blas Travel Bubble Approach

Travel to San Blas and sailing vacations have been possible since late 2020. Sailing San Blas has to be performed in a specific way considering health recommendations by both Panamanian and San Blas authorities.

The global pandemic last year saw the hospitality business throughout most of the world come to a standstill. Little to nothing could be done on our side in order to prevent disruptions on our Caribbean sailing vacations. We were not the only ones hit, also other relevant locations offering crewed sailing vacations were also halted and it was not possible for example to charter a catamaran in the BVI.

Frustration on our side was at times unmanageable, for some months in the year 2020 there was little to be done except rescheduling and keeping our clients informed of the situation we were all in. Not only our charter operations were disrupted but also global airlines, hotels, and the transfer companies we rely on were affected.

The question that concerns us is. How can our guests seeking one of our crewed sailing vacations be safe and not be exposed to Covid?

This is why you should reconsider not coming to San Blas due to the pandemic:

- Travelling by plane to Panama from your home country requires a recent Covid test. With none of the passengers positive in Covid, there is no exposure to the virus.

- Tocumen International Airport in Panama requires that all precautions must be observed, no virus incidence there.

- You can be picked up directly from the airport and transferred directly to the catamaran. Transfers from the airport are all private with only the PCR tested driver at the wheel. Transfers to San Blas take around 1 1/2 hours.

- Panama, and specially the area our sailing in San Blas has basically an extremely low Covid incidence. Most likely Covid infection rates are substantially lower than your current location or origin.

- Sailing vacations and catamaran Caribbean charters are definitely safe isolated vacations.

What are you waiting for? anchorages in San Blas are empty, nature has exploded and with no external influence, indigenous Kuna are as authentic as ever.


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