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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on a Private Yacht Charter in San Blas

Being prepared for such an out of this world sailing trip is vital. Don’t think San Blas is anywhere similar to the British Virgin Islands or Croatia, it’s much better!

We’ve said it before: embarking on an all-inclusive catamaran trip in the San Blas islands is a unique experience in a unique part of the world.

Peculiarities of the topography with the more than 365 islands and cays, and the interesting and perfectly preserved Guna indigenous culture, make for an inviting scenario not only sailors but for all kinds of travelers, including families with children, friends and couples.

Best is to be prepared. follow thee simple recommendations as possible.

Avoid these 10 typical mistakes when coming to San Blas:

1.Try to use the air transfer instead of the road. You will cut down your transfers from +4 hours to 40 minutes and your starting point will be the runway deep down in the best part of the San Blas islands.

2. Cultural shock ahead: leave your prejudices aside, there are other ways to approach life and living the "here and now" in symbiosis with the ecosystem like in Guna Yala is perfectly fine.

3. Do not rush: relax and watch the magic unfold.

Cambombia, San Blas
Relax and let yourself be carried away by the pristine nature of the San Blas Islands.

4. Try not to connect from your homeland directly to San Blas and be careful with your plane ticket times in and out of San Blas. It is advisable to book your planes in and out of Panama so that you can have a night rest in Panama City before your departure to San Blas. Likewise, upon return from San Blas, try to book a night in Panama City if possible. Having a decent buffer time in between transfers will give you peace of mind.

5. Bring appropriate clothes for Tropical weather. Avoid thick fabrics. Bring along a nice cap and sunglasses, a rash guard and flip flops. Do not overpack, you will regret it.

Crystal clear waters of the Caribbean
To enjoy paradise, you don't need much...

6. Do not drink too much onboard, do not think this is Ibiza and be focused on what is in front of you.

7. You think you can use your credit card... not here. Bring some cash along to get yourself some of the amazing mola handcrafts.

Guna indigenous woman in San Blas
Sale of "molas". The mola is a traditional textile art made by the Guna indigenous people. Observe on the back of the photo. It consists of textiles sewn in panels with complex designs and multiple layers using the reverse appliqué technique.

8.Rent a catamaran that has all the water toys you need, air conditioning if possible and is big and stable enough to satisfy your needs.

Catamaran rental in the Caribee
All water toys are ready to use, at no extra cost.

9. Choose only professional crew with 5 star. You do not need a “fake nice crew” you need a professional, consistent, open to suggestions crew that will go that extra mile in order to show you the best islands and experiences in San Blas but also is respectuous of your privacy and know when and how to act and what to propose. Lookout for the crew on the Salina 48 catamaran "Mambo Diablo". Clients reviews on this crew are astonishing.

10. Book your catamaran cruise in San Blas with a specialist not only in San Blas but also in catamarans. Booking your sailing trip with a company that has no solid reputation, takes along regular charter clients as well as backpackers, does not show their conditions in their FAQ section or is not responsive enough will definitely put not only your money but also your dream plan on the verge of disaster.

We´ve said it. Now you can be as prepared as one can be.


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