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Top FAQs About Visiting San Blas: Answered by a Local Expert

Essential Travel Information for Exploring San Blas Islands

In this post we share a short recap of the usual questions we receive from guests wanting to book a sailing charter in the San Blas Islands.

  • What should I bring? Keep it simple, you do not need much on a San Blas Charter: T-Shirts (between 2 – 3, depending on the length of your charter), shorts/skirts (2 – 3, depending on the length of your charter), Swimwear (2), A sweatshirt or cardigan (for cooler evenings during high season), flip flops, sandals, sunglasses and a cap or hat. Consider bringing a book to read, your own medicines if you have a specific medical condition and some $ because you will love the traditional molas.

Four girls floating and enjoying the crystal clear waters of San Blas, Panama.
Seriously, you don't need much to enjoy paradise...
  • Food & drinks/kids: We do not have any dietary restriction, but our kids would need special food made for them, would it be possible for you to accommodate that? Yes this is possible and we know it is important for provide kids with their own separate meals if requested. We ask a couple of questions regarding food and drink preferences once we have the reservation settled. We will use that info to tailor your charter experience in San Blas.

  • What alcoholic drinks included? Alcoholic drinks included per person/day are 3 beers, half a bottle of wine and 1/3 bottle of rum but of course we can provide more if you need. Some boats like the Salina 48 offer an open bar with all alcoholic drinks included

  • Do I need to pay anything extra apart from the catamaran charter and transfers? Personal entry taxes of $20/person paid to Guna customs, Items bought by the clients or any extra activity outside the catamaran you may want to engage in (which are very few since you will have all you need onboard), some islands, not all, require a few $ entry, personal travel insurance. Is it worth it? and tip which usually is 15-20% of the charter if the captain and crew give that extra effort, which they probably will.

Lisa, the mola maker in San Blas selling a mola to a tourist on a private catamaran charter.
You might want to buy some "molas" (Guna textile artwork) from Lisa, the mola maker.
  • Is there a barbecue on the catamarans? Yes some of the catamarans do have it, check that with us if you absolutely need this feature. BBQ lobster tastes better and it does not get the inside of the boat smelling

  • Would it be possible to fish? Is all necessary gear available? It is possible and a nice way to pass the time. We have fishing rods so you do not need to bring any. Kids love this activity.

  • Sport gear: how many kayaks and paddle boards are onboard? That depends on the catamaran you choose. Some boats are really well equipped, even providing with sea scooters.

Woman on a transparent kayak on crystal clear waters
Check out our transparent kayak.
  • What is your cancellation policy? All funds will be returned including catamaran and flights if you choose to come by private flight to San Blas if extreme bad weather, medical issue, any health disruption, world conflict or anything that alters world travel or travel to Panama or the San Blas region. If you wish to cancel your reservation because you change your mind and you do so more than 4 weeks before embarking, you will get refunded 50% of the total charter amount. If you do so 4 weeks or less before embarking, you will get a 20% refund.

A view from a private catamaran charter from a small paradise island in San Blas, Panama.
Paradise awaits. Just chill and let us take care of the rest.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of San Blas with private sailing charters, knowing that your exploration is backed by expert knowledge and local wisdom. It's time to embark on a journey of discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime in this tropical paradise.


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