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What Is the Best Time to Eat Lobster in the San Blas Islands?

Local spiny lobster is served and prepared in various ways in our catamaran trips. No-take season lasts 4 months, from March 1st to June 30th.

When choosing your next holiday destination in the Caribbean or elsewhere in the tropics, food and local dishes availability are normally something to be considered and given the relevance it deserves.

Food is just as important as any other variable in your trip, in and such exotic locations like the islands in Kuna Yala. our sailing vacations offer the opportunity to try fresh local delicacies in the form of varios types of fish, including red snapper and tuna along with crustaceans such as lobster and crab to name a few.

Fishing has for always been the main source of food for the Kuna indigenous. Men are almost exclusively dedicated to fishing from their wood-carved canoes and venture out to sea on a daily basis. After their fishing, some of the islanders do show up at our catamarans in order to sell us their fresh catch which is later prepared for guests in various ways.

Check out our FAQ in regards to what is food like in our catamaran sailing holidays.

No-take lobster season lasts four months, from March 1st to June 30th, that is the time needed for the spiny lobster females to lay their eggs and ensure the next generation. We, as visitors in this autonomous region of Panama must always respect the local laws.

Two types of lobster are found in the islands of San Blas; the spiny lobster and the spotted spiny lobster:

Above: spotted spiny lobster

Spiny lobster, the most common type of lobster served in our catamaran holidays.

What are the alternatives to lobster?

The no-take lobster season is exactly the period when stripped bonito tuna are most abundant and can be easily spotted while on their feeding frenzy around the reefs close to our anchorages. The taste of this fish is great with light seasonings because the flavour of the fish alone. This tuna has no scales and the delicate meat texture is greatly appreciated around the world and the base for some of our dishes served on or catamaran trips.

Along with this type of tuna, other fish including red snapper, grouper and parrot fish are served onboard. To compliment fish we offer fruits and vegetables along with natural snacks, so do not worry, your belly will definitely be happy

Vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten-free or any dietary needs is not a problem. Simply notify us with your reservation.

Choose San Blas for your next catamaran sailing holidays.


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