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What to Do if Bad Weather Hits the San Blas Islands and Cancels Your Sailing Trip?

Although highly improvable, in case of persistent bad weather, our catamaran charter service terms offer full100% refund on all payments We want you to come back and experience San Blas.

Unlike other Caribbean sailing destinations such as the BVIs, USVIs, Bahamas, etc regularly hit by tropical depressions or hurricanes during the summer, the San Blas islands are blessed with year-round good weather and are not in the path of hurricanes that from time to time devastate other parts of the Caribbean to the East.

Girl enjoying San Blas on a private catamaran charter
Tranquil waters and spectacular scenery

What can cause a cancellation?

Heavy rains by the most part. Strong winds or waves do not affect San Blas because our sailing itineraries do not venture out into the open sea but the 365 islands behind the reefs and sheltered from the weather. No open water passages in San Blas, this is not a hardcore sailing Meca, but a place to sit back, relax an enjoy the mild weather, flat water sailing conditions and spectacular scenery.

Sunny day on private catamaran charter itinerary in San Blas
Just another sunny day in the San Blas.

Heavy rains during el Niño years in which we are immersed in are not abundant at all. The Panama Canal feeds from various fresh water lakes and due to extended draught, operations are partially cancelled .This is a clear indicator that rains will most probably not be persistent during the next years.

In case extreme bad weather cancels your San Blas cruise and even though our catamaran service will be in place and ready to go, you will receive full refund.

Sailing the San Blas islands is a safe mind changing experience for families and friends.

What are you waiting for?


Road blocks in Panama are another factor to consider. Any major protest in Panama is taken to the streets with no hesitation. This does not mean that Panama and San Blas are not safe at all, it’s the way for protestors to make themselves heard. The year 2023 saw organised street protests that lead to extended road blocks that affected the normal course of our operations. For those choosing to fly in, there were no alterations and clients with private flights to San Blas saw no disruptions in their catamaran charter. Those guests with pre booked road transfers were rerouted to private planes and none saw their vacations in San Blas cancelled. If possible, we recommend you choose a private flight over a road transfer.


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