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Why Book a Catamaran Sailing Charter Longer than Just 2 or 3 Nights?

Booking long stays when sailing San Blas makes a lot of sense. Why would you travel this far to miss out on the best parts of the most exotic Caribbean destination?

The appearance of Internet in our daily lives and the subsequent availability and spread of information has made travelers take a more active role when it comes to deciding on details of their next vacations. Getting to know the ins and outs of distant destinations such as the San Blas islands is a value that can only increase the chances for a successful sailing holiday in this unique part of Panama; but nowadays it is highly advisable to use both common sense and a critical approach when analysing public information.

Common sense is key when deciding on details and booking your next Caribbean sailing charter. The following are some issues that will help you determine why longer vacations are the best solution for you next San Blas catamaran cruise and sailing holiday.

  • Physically adapt: Traveling to Panama by airplane usually takes some good hours. Air pressure is lower at higher altitudes, and even though airlines pressurise cabins, our bodies are simply not used to such drastic changes in pressure, this is why you feel tired after a flight. Have a good night's sleep before your plane to Panama will help to mitigate the effects of the tiring factor, but then, next day you will have to take the local road transfers or private flights into San Blas. Surely you will feel your energy drained to some extent and chances are you will feel moody and irritable. Nothing wrong here, it’s the way it is, you are human. Continuing running (sailing) while on this altered state, up and down San Blas, visiting one island after the other without stopping to breathe the clean air and enjoying the peaceful scenery and physically recovering is not a good nooot goood for you. Trust us!

  • Cultural differences to get used to. Kuna indigenous and their peaceful attitude can be a joy to the conscious traveler, but can be hell if you expect things to go in a certain way or your time is limited. "Ahorita , ahorita" literally means "now", but this term can be interpreted in many ways and a "now" in the tropics and specially in San Blas is more like "later, when I can manage without altering my life and peace". Take it easy take it slow and a new understanding of reality will open up for you.

  • Tropical model: no matter where you come from or the season you visit San Blas, you must understand that you are in a tropical part of the world and normally it takes a few days to adapt to for example the occasional rain, a few mosquitoes here and there (not while on the catamaran), chaotic traffic and high levels of music etc. All these minor changes do affect you in some way or another, so better to take it slow and let the tropics and its magic do the rest.

  • A boat, yes, a boat: the fact that even though the catamaran you booked is like a floating home, it still is a boat and it floats on top of the water, if you know what I mean... Changes of being seasick are very small because catamarans have a wide beam and length, so expect little to no rolling at the anchorages. Also San Blas is not open seas and there is always shelter from the seas thanks to the outer reefs that block any weather from reaching inside the huge bay of San Blas.

Our recommendation: turn off the “alert” mode while traveling with us, let us take care of all and please do plan to have the longest stay possible, you will not regret it.

That said, yes, we can do a 2 night 3 night charter, but also a 10, 15, 30 day adventure. Contact us for details


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