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San Blas Sailing Trips From Panama City

Many of our guest to our catamarans in San Blas are coming from the USA, this is mainly because of low airplane fares to Panama City and relatively low flying hours which is also very important. Paradise is closer than you think. If you want to fly to Panama City from the USA and you live in Florida, you could find round trips for as low as $250, other states are also reasonably priced so please check your online flight booker.

If you are coming from Europe or South America you will find many direct flights to Panama City.

Once in Panama City we will take care of the rest, just let us know your hotel name or residence and we will arrange the necessary road transfers for getting to San Blas. Normally, the car transfer takes up to 2,5 hours, remember you could also fly into San Blas with our special VIP private plane service leaving from Albrook airport in Panama City (PAC), contact us for your VIP experience in San Blas.

Once in San Blas, get ready for your San Blas islands sailing tour, the catamaran ad crew will be ready for your arrival and after a quick briefing you will be free to explore. Sailing San Blas has never been easier.

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