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Annual Lobster Ban in San Blas: is it Possible to Eat Lobster in San Blas?

As years behind, lobster, crab, conch and octopus catch and distribution will be banned in San Blas from March 1 - June 30th.

Lobsters in San Blas as well as other commercial marine species face normal threats, therefore, regulations such as catch limits, size restrictions, and closed seasons can indeed help protect the lobster population and prevent their decline and ultimately their dissapearence.

Guna indigenous economy, specially in the outer cays, is almost completely dependant on our sailing charters in San Blas.

Handicrafts sold by Lisa, the master Mola maker

Dutch Cays is indeed an amazing place comprising numerous and amazing coconut filled islands, crystal clear waters, reefs and nature but economy is simplified to say the least and locals make their living mostly by selling traditional molas and diverse handicrafts along with lobster and other delicious crustaceans that by the most part end up in our guest’s plates.

BBQ island in Dutch Cays

Lobster ban must be respected and alternatives to protected sea delicacies are to be implemented while on a catamaran cruise in San Blas. Not respecting such ban is hurtful to the much needed natural equilibrium that, unlike other Caribbean sailing destination, still persists in San Blas and the Kuna indigenous economy in the long run.

Spiny lobster in San Blas

Grouper, snapper, trigger and parrot fish just caught and ready fo become next meal.

Luckily, the lobster season ban coincides with the peak of bonito (small tuna) season. That, along with other types of the freshest fish are programmed to be served on our sailing charters in San Blas. Meats, vegetables and delicious tropical fruits and provisiones are imported directly from Panama.

We are ready for any proposal on your side regarding types of food and other alimentary suggestions.

San Blas islands sailing charters at it’s best.

We work relentlessly to continue being the best San Blas islands sailing company. We are ready to take you on the best catamaran charter in the Caribbean.

Catamaran Adventures San Blas


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