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Catamaran Or Monohull, Which Is Best For Sailing The Caribbean?

Catamarans are the preferred choice for Caribbean yacht charters due to the comfort provided in both sailing and living. Catamaran Adventures San Blas provides Caribbean all inclusive sailing Vacations.

A quick search on any of the most commonly used search engines and global yacht charter agencies prior to booking your next Caribbean crewed yacht charter | all-inclusive vacations will result with abundant information on different possibilities for you to decide on.

Different locations in your search results will include the most requested, famous and (presumably) idyllic cruising destinations in the Caribbean such as St Martin, St Bart and the emblematic islands in the BVI including Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. Sailing vacations in San Blas will most likely not come up in those search results and that is because no big charter company is or will be running operations in San Blas, primarily because the Kuna Yala region is both isolated and extremely different from any other locations.

Big global agencies such as the Moorings, Sunsail, etc cannot us their expertise to implement their business strategy in such a distinct and peculiar autonomous region such as this independent region of Panama. We will cover the peculiarities of this situation in future posts.

Once your location is chosen then you will have to decide on the type of yacht, catamaran or monohull: are catamarans better than monohulls for a Caribbean crewed sailing vacation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of booking a catamaran?

This is what you should consider when deciding:

- Space: catamarans are the absolute winners in this category. Having two hulls such as catamarans basically doubles the space available for guests to enjoy. Some catamarans have a fly or semi-fly bridge, leaving some distance when needed or you so desire between you and the crew. Monohulls interiors are also called "caves" and that is because normally light does not completely reach past the deck, also since there is only one hull, you will permanently have the crew at sight, like it or not. Vacations on catamarans tend to be more "private" than those on monohulls.

- Comfort: all four double cabins in our catamarans include a private bathroom, and unlike monohulls, the double cabins offered are totally private and not in the way for accessing that hard to reach hatch or anchor locker in monohulls. If you don´t mind being involuntarily included in the daily sailing activity then monohulls are for you. If you want to choose your role in the navigation and decide wether to participate or not in the sailing manoeuvres, then choose a catamaran

- Stability: nothing more stable at sea than a floating home: as an example, our catamaran Salina 48 stands out with an impressive 8 meter width. Forget about rolling in anchorages and being thrown from side to side such as in monohulls. Catamarans are floating homes with all the comfort possible. You may rent a monohull if you are in total shape and would like to get some exercise derived from sailing during your vacation. Choose catamaran if you'd rather choose how and when to keep in shape...

- Speed: monohulls and specially performance monohulls will sail faster in some tight wind angles, our catamarans trade that 1 knot of difference in speed for comfort.

- Safety. For long there has been talks on this matter. The truth is that both types of boats, catamarans and monohulls are safe and mishaps are primarily due to extreme negligence. Our catamarans are built with CE certified standards and carry all the necessary safety equipment such as life vests, radio, life raft etc. Our sailing grounds in San Blas are totally covered by a huge coral reef barrier that stops all waves and currents from entering the Cays in San Blas thus making this region the safest sailing destination in the Caribbean.

We are certain that catamarans are the best option for San Blas, but if you are a monohull die hard, let us know and we will serve you with a monohull, absolutely no problem here.

Visit our website and choose your next catamaran sailing vacations in San Blas.


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