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June July: Summer Sailing the San Blas Islands, what to expect?

Greatly reduced tourist activities along with almost empty anchorages welcome those who venture to explore the islands during the so called "low season".

Panama sailing charters during the summer: what should you know before booking your catamaran vacations?

With summer just around the corner it is time to choose between the best available Caribbean sailing spots, but why choose the San Blas islands as your next summer holiday destination instead of e.g. the Virgin Islands, the Grenadines or the Bahamas?.

A couple enjoying the San Blas islands on a catamaran charter

What should you expect from such wild and untouched part of the Caribbean?

1st: Panama is out of the Hurricane zone unlike the other sailing destinations mentioned and therefore the conditions you will encounter will be mild, easy and suitable for all types of groups including families traveling with small children.

Why would you want to risk your vacations by sailing inside the hurricane zone during the summer months?

San Blas islands, Panama.
A perfect sunny day in San Blas, the last remaining paradise in the Caribbean.

Exposing you and your family or group and putting to risk your much awaited vacations to the typical Caribbean sailing holidays may not be the best thing to do, specially not during summer. We do get calls from guests with cancelled sailing charter vacations because of Hurricane X or Tropical Storm Y stood in their way. Not in Panama and not in San Blas.

Use the map below courtesy of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to help you choose your vacation destination during the summer months.

Major hurricane history chart
Can you spot Panama on the map?

2nd: Rain and climatological exposure in the San Blas Islands

May - beginning August: offer variable weather with occasional short duration rain showers and light wind. Perfect water visibility for snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. What else can you ask for?

3rd: Low tourism and boats

Christmas, Carnival along with Easter holidays are the most requested dates for sailing the San Blas islands, Yes, those dates are just wonderful and very importantly they coincide with our vacation period back home, but why miss out on having the opportunity to explore with almost no other boat or vacationers around? Choose sailing the summer months to get lost in the most safe, unique and untouched part of the Caribbean.

Family enjoying the shores of Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas.
San Blas is the perfect destination for a getaway with loved ones, boasting over 365 stunning islands to explore, all outside the hurricane zone. Oh, and one more thing! It is safe in every way; San Blas has a zero crime rate.

Ultimately, summer sailing in the San Blas Islands offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, immerse oneself in rich cultural heritage, and create unforgettable memories. Whether exploring vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, connecting with the indigenous Guna community, or simply basking in the tranquility of secluded anchorages, every moment in this tropical paradise is a treasure.

Tourists interacting with Guna indigenous in San Blas.
Interact with the Guna indigenous and learn about their culture and way of living. San Blas transcends the definition of paradise; it is a transformative encounter that will forever expand your horizons.

Embrace the spirit of exploration, conservation, and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world that abound in the San Blas archipelago.

We still have some availability for the summer. Contact us with your vacation details.


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