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Pina Colada Onboard All Inclusive Catamaran Holidays

Jump in one of our sailing charters in the San Blas islands and enjoy our complementary Pina Colada cocktail on sundown.

The translation to piña colada (Spanish) means "strained pineapple". A delicacy of the tropics included in our San Blas sailing charters and the prefect treat to accompany you on any worthy occasion.

What would a tropical sailing charters be without our made-from-scratch pina colada? For years this has been the preferred cocktail served onboard and enjoyed by our guests and it's easy to understand why.

Why does our pina colada taste so amazing compared to other pina colada served at your local pub or restaurant?

The simplicity in elaboration and the quality of our readily-available ingredients: pineapple, coconut and local Abuelo account for our delicious pina colada.

Apart from this delicious pina colada, we offer other alcoholic beverages in our San Blas sailing charters. Visit our FAQ for info on drinks

Pineapple: this incredibly sweet and fruity tasting delicacy grown in both Panama and of course neighbouring Costa Rica is blessed by the rich tropical conditions that permit a year-round abundance, making it present in local markets and food stores. Tropical weather in Central America sees small variations in temperature and humidity which make the perfect conditions for growing this fruit.

Coconut: for centuries this fruit has sustained the economy of the San Blas islands. It’s the Kuna Indigenous most important food and the only tradable good available in the islands. Coconut trade in the San Blas islands is still so important that the value of most of the islands depends on how many coconuts produced.

Abuelo Rum, this fermented sugar cane based drink is notoriously tasty. Consumption of this rum lowers cholesterol and a helps with a healthy and strong heart. Moderation is key! We also have alcohol free pina colada for the kids.

Below is the recipe for our simple yet mind blowing pina colada. If you happen to make this cocktail at home, make sure to obtain fresh ingredients and most importantly you revive the good times onboard your catamarans in the San Blas Islands, otherwise your pina colada will just not taste the same... Come to San Blas.

3 Ingredient Pina Colada Recipe

  1. 1 oz (one part) Coconut cream / we prefer to strain the milk from the local coconuts and mix it with sugar

  2. 1 oz (one part) White rum / choose a good rum, bad rum will make bad pina colada

  3. 3 oz (3 parts) Pineapple juice / freshly cut and frozen pineapple is preferable

Blend it in the mixer for 1 minute low speed and another minute in high speed.

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