What Is The Best Itinerary For Sailing The San Blas Islands On A Catamaran?

Enjoying the best itinerary depends on the number of days booked, type of transfer in and out preferred and interests or preferences of the guests. Whatever the itinerary, our crewed catamaran charters in San Blas are totally adaptable.

Embarking on a catamaran trip in the San Blas islands in one of our all inclusive sailing adventures and not in a monohull trip of any kind has a few advantages we have discussed earlier in "Catamaran or monohull, which is best for sailing the Caribbean?" . Catamarans are the best option for Sailing the San Blas Islands and that is because of the comfort offered by these type of boats with double hulls.

Catamarans offer huge living spaces, stability for not rolling on anchorages and easy sailing is thanks to a large beam (width). In the case of our Salina 48, the huge beam of almost 8 meters equals that of the total length of some monohulls in San Blas that are actually offered for sailing charters or various island vacations in Panama.

There are many other many reasons why choosing a catamaran for sailing the San Blas islands is a good choice. We will not go through them all but one key factor is that catamarans do not need nor have prolonged keels, hence sailing and anchoring the best shallower anchorages in the San Blas islands is made possible and an important variable to take into consideration when defining our itineraries and those special places to visit.

The shallower you can reach in San Blas, the more possibilities to explore!

Shallow draft only accessible anchorages like this, definitely make a difference.

What is the best itinerary for San Blas islands sailing?

Although short trips are possible and also amazing, the perfect San Blas trip is by definition a week long sailing adventure with air transfers to/from San Blas covering most of the jewels of San Blas islands: Coco Bandero and Dutch Cays.

Day 1 - East Coco Bandero Cays

Short sail from the airpot run way of around 40 minutes to the impressive East group of islands within Cayo Coco Bandero. Here you will have your first encounter with the Kuna indigenous, their kindness will remain in your memory for ever. This is the paradise we always talk about, so take your time to enjoy the islands around and the absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Day 2 - West Coco Bandero Cays

After breakfast at Coco Bandero East, a short sail of 50 minutes will put you in the totally isolated islands of West Coco Bandero. No Kuna indigenous population here, just pristine reefs teeming with marine life and all the islands for yourself without no interference from the outside. Simply enjoying lunch and dinner onboard and engage in any water activity such as paddle boarding or kayaking on the stunning crystal clear waters, an experience of a life time.

Day 3 - BBQ island, Turtle island: Cayos Holandeses, Dutch Cays.