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Is it Worth Visiting the San Blas Islands?

Yes, It is definity worth it but remember to book a stay longer than 4 nights and choose the agency most indicated for the job.

The San Blas islands is a destination capable of satisfying a wide spectrum of visitors such as nature and adventure lovers, cultural experience buffs, relaxation seekers and ocean/beach enthusiasts.

Knowing which island to choose amongst the more than 365 and knowing when to go and with what company can be a crafty task.

Mixed reviews on the San Blas islands are all over travel blogs and review websites. While some visitors to the islands fall in love with San Blas and the whole experience, other do not seem share the same perception.

What sets apart both experiences is the discerning ability of the traveler to navigate through all the info available and to choose a professional travel agency with the enough knowledge and resources to deliver a well thought out, structured and consistent vacation plan and itinerary that is adaptable to your needs.

The Dutch Cays

Visiting San Blas is not as simple as driving from Panama City to the port of San Blas and heading to any island since it exposes you to landing in one of the spots closest to shore and packed with day tourists. Top 5 islands not to visit in San Blas.

Do not be tempted to fix your trip totally on your own you need an agency primarily because you are venturing into an autonomous region of Panama and you will have to deal with a completely different culture and ways. The agency plays in the middle of both worlds and is a much needed intermediary in such different context. Transfers in and out of San Blas, type of boat or catamaran, food and provisions, insurance, etc, are a few of the aspects to take a close look at. Choose the best company in San Blas with the best reviews, is responsive and very importantly only has boats and sailing packages in San Blas and nowhere else.

Best catamarans in San Blas

There is no point in accelerating in this land of peace and natural equilibrium. Do not rush and stay longer than 4 nights if possible. You will miss out on the magic and what the San Blas islands have to offer.

It you decide not to use one of our catamarans in San Blas and stay on land (island), please make sure that the island which you go to, has the capability to rent out kayaks, paddle boards and that they offer water taxi tours to Coco Bandero, The Pool in the Dutch Cays and other amazing locations.

The San Blas islands are the only true Caribbean destination that has both an relatively easy access if approached correctly and still retains unspoiled nature and an amazingly interesting indigenous culture.

The best islands in San Blas are just a 40 minute flight away from Panama City. Where else in the world can you swim in turquoise waters, snorkel in reefs teeming with life, easily sail through the more than 365 tropical islands while enriching yourself with the most authentic Caribbean culture?

Whether you choose to visit the region with a group of friends or family, on a boat or on land, the San Blas islands are indeed worth it.


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