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How Do Backpacker and Quality Sailing Holidays Coexist in the San Blas Islands?

Back in the days, border closure with Colombia and the impenetrable jungle that covered most of the Guna Yala region, made traveling to San Blas extremely complicated.

Well, guess what? The border with Colombia is still closed and the jungle still is impenetrable for the most part but there are new means of transport that make possible traveling to the San Blas Islands: sailing boats and catamarans.

In 2021 one would think that the international borders of the most important nations would be open for travelers in a way or another, not with the Panama-Colombia border.

The border between Colombia and Panama is a very remote and largely ignored wilderness, do not worry about security in San Blas, the border with Colombia is a couple of days sailing and no issue in the islands of San Blas have ever been recorded that were related this border instability. The region of San Blas islands is the safest in Panama and there are numerous and consistent reasons for that, visit our blog post:

Are the San Blas Islands safe? Yes, the whole archipelago of the San Blas islands is totally safe from crime and outside interference. Feel free to sail all the islands with our all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages.

The new route that connected Colombia to Panama was born thanks to the appearance of sailing boats in the area some 30 years ago. An amazing risk free adventure for backpackers, a feast for their wanderlust and the yearning for far-off places. Bypassing the land border on a sailing boat between this two countries still is the most common route by backpackers.

The route Colombia-Panama is the most requested and that is basically because this direction targets mostly travelers on their way North after visiting South America.

How has the backpacker traveling business influenced the San Blas islands?

To some extent it is important to affirm that the San Blas Islands would not have been known to the public if it were not for the backpackers. This type of adventure-seeking tourism paved the way and permitted other types of traveling in the region. Think of backpacking industry as the precursor that led to the settlement of the fundamental basics needed by other tourisms operators and sailing charter agencies alike.

Nowadays, this sailing boats that carry backpackers from Colombia to Panama are still running, and although they are still present, these boats tend to stay away from the isolated parts of our sailing grounds and visit the islands that offer what they need: festive ambience for the most part.

It is important to note that some catamarans in San Blas have sometimes a dual purpose and aim at luring in both backpackers and crewed sailing holidays vacationers. Needless to say that standards in itineraries, catamaran layout/maintenance and onboard service demanded by these two types of guests are extremely different. Take that into consideration and make a consistent research when booking your catamaran vacation in the San Blas Islands.

We simply offer sailing glory in the most authentic San Blas and with the best catamaran and service possible.


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