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Should I Sail San Blas On A Catamaran Or Book A Land-based Hotel?

Renting a fully crewed all inclusive catamaran for you next holiday in San Blas, rather than choosing a hotel stay, will lower arrangements, give you a more diverse and easy to engage list of activities and limit the total cost of your trip.

Sailing holidays vs. land-based holidays has for long been subject of discussion. Traditionally, land-based holidays have been the preferred choice for most families and groups seeking an enriching adventure somewhere outside their homeland. Comfort has been a key factor in this decision and probably the main reason that kept adventurers and adventures such as sailing holidays out of the range of possible holidays.

That was back when catamarans were not available!

With the appearance of large boats like our catamarans in San Blas, and unlike other smaller and for the most part cramped sailboats like monohulls, our catamarans are more like floating homes with all the comfort you will need for your sailing vacation. A fantastic way to spend a holiday in the Caribbean has been born. We have discussed this matter in a previous post.

Stern cabin on the Salina 48

So, back to the matter:

Should you stay on a hotel in San Blas or book a sailing holiday?

When deciding between a land based holiday and a sailing vacation there are a few factors to consider: travel arrangements, final cost, activities / itineraries and ambiance.

Travel arrangements: Sailing on an all inclusive fully crewed catamaran in San Blas requires almost no arrangements on your side. Simply choose your dates and catamaran and all is set. We will take care of all the necessary transfers in and out of the San Blas islands and provide the service that is most suited to your needs. Visit our FAQ to learn how to pack for a San Blas catamaran experience. Count on taking many modes of transportation and daily arrangements if you decide to book a land based holiday in a hotel in San Blas, unless you’re planning on not leaving the resort...

Final cost: The $ you will spend on an all included sailing vacation in our catamaran charters in San Blas are limited to the amount reflected on your reservation. No hidden charges, all the meals and amenities included in our reservation means your budget is fixed and will not increment for any reason during your sailing holiday in San Blas. Land-based holidays such as hotels in San Blas offer for example water activities and island tour, bur they are not gratuitous and mostly not included in the packages, therefore your expenses on land based vacations may vary significantly from the original contemplated expense.

Activities / itineraries: on sailing trips with the included free to use water toys such as kayaks and paddle boards, choosing to engage in any water activity is simple and a wonderful way to explore the islands around the anchorage, the reefs and meet the friendly Kuna indigenous, read our post " Are the San Blas islands safe". Snorkelling in San Blas or simply swimming around the catamaran or to the nearby islands is by far the most requested activity. Also included in our sailing holidays is all the snorkeling equipment you will need. Itineraries in catamaran vacations are adapted to each group and tailored to the guests needs. Unlike land based hotel vacations in San Blas, sailing a crewed catamaran in San Blas gives you the option to completely change scenario if for some reason you would prefer to do so.

Ambiance: San Blas hotels or any other land based accommodation in the Guna Yala can feel impersonal and somewhat overcrowded at times, which from our point of view, doesn’t lend itself to a nice atmosphere. We strive for a high level of enriching adventure and vacation, one that is unique and will stay un your memories for ever.

Whether you choose land based vacation or any of our crewed catamaran charters, you will definitely enjoy your vacation in this unique place of the Caribbean, the difference is that sailing San Blas will grant you a striking, fascinating and stimulating experience not comparable to any others available including any of the land bases accommodation in San Blas.


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