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San Blas Islands Travel: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Mixed reviews on San Blas are not uncommon. When documenting yourself prior to booking a sailing trip in the islands, you will read about how, for some, traveling to San Blas was an enlightening experience and for others some sort of disappointment.

How come all these mixed reviews displayed on for example Tripadvisor and other comparison websites? isn’t San Blas supposed to be the true and last Caribbean paradise? What exactly should we consider and how should we prepare for a unique kind of experience like sailing San Blas on a catamaran?

The answer is simple: the definition of what paradise is not a fixed concept. Deserted islands, beaches full of coconut trees and the indigenous way of life can seem like paradise to you, but some unexpected inconveniences and annoyances present at times, no matter how little they are, can cause irritability and a bad predisposition for enjoying the wonders of sailing and chartering a catamaran in this unique part of the world such as this vast archipelago of San Blas

Here is list of things for you to consider:


  • San Blas IS the last and only Caribbean paradise, and that is simply because land cannot be sold to outsiders an will always remain in the hands of the Kuna Indigenous.

  • Our catamarans are more like floating homes with sails

  • All inclusive charters means you will not have to spend any more $.

  • Snorkelling in San Blas in perfect crystal clear waters is definitely a extraordinary experience.

  • Kayaking and paddle boarding are included in the price.

  • Our cuisine uses only fresh ingredients and usually takes times to prepare, the reward is in the taste

  • Contemplating the sunset while sipping your pina colada relieves any kind of anxiety.

  • The Kuna indigenous are friendly nature-loving and by the most part, totally illuminated people that will open their huts for you.

  • Where else would you find nice weather, pristine nature, excellent cuisine and a rich and exotic culture just a few hours by plane from where you are?

  • San Blas is a totally safe sailing destination and, unlike the other Caribbean islands, there are no threats to consider.

  • No sailing knowledge required. The captain will take care of all the sailing and maneuvers. If you would like to take part on the sailing and improve your sailing skills or simply take the wheel, simply notify us and we will make sure that happens.


  • Waking up as early as 5 am to catch your road transfer is not nice.

  • Mosquitos at the port of San Blas can give you a hard time, so bring mosquito repellant. No mosquitos while at anchor though.

  • If it rains during you water taxi transfers you will be soaked unless you bring something to cover yourself.

  • isla Perro Isla Pelicano are the most famous, but really, try not to push us into visiting them because they tend to be crowded.

  • No shopping mall around...almost no bars and no Ibiza-style anything. The San Blas islands are not a party place.

  • Boats are not the latest models, if you require a new boat, go to BVI or Saint Marteen but be prepared for the bling and other materialistic attitudes both at the anchorages and at land amongst other "annoyances".

  • We don’t include sodas or any carbonated/diet drink, but we make natural juice with the best tropical fruit. Please bring that along with you. Your land transfer can stop at the supermarket on the way to San Blas.

  • Trash produced by our charter operations must be kept to a minimum, that is why we, by the most part, offer natural cuisine and snacks. Forget about packaged snacks and food. Natural equilibrium must be preserved at all costs.

  • Our catamarans are big and spacious. but they still are boats floating on the sea and at times they may roll a bit.

  • Party catamarans and other motor boats do appear at times at some places. This can be easily avoided if you give us total freedom to choose the anchorages.

  • We are a conscious sailing charter company and we promote environmental awareness while sailing the San Blas islands and you might just not feel comfortable with that.

What are you waiting for? enquire now.


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